Friday, December 30, 2011

any store or name brand.

I was exhausted from almost 24   
I was exhausted from almost 24
And love the cake shots          
And love the cake shots
 One layer of our wedding cake   
 One layer of our wedding cake
My Wedding in Provence - Part    
My Wedding in Provence - Part
Beaded Halter Chiffon Light      
Beaded Halter Chiffon Light
Home Decor.  170.00              
Home Decor.  170.00
mountain wedding decorations     
mountain wedding decorations
Coffee Table Studio circa 1948   
Coffee Table Studio circa 1948
suede loafers and suits in       
suede loafers and suits in
burlap table runners wedding     
burlap table runners wedding
Mini Polymer Clay Wedding Cake   
Mini Polymer Clay Wedding Cake
Sacramento Wedding   Portrait    
Sacramento Wedding   Portrait
Tori - the wedding planner       
Tori - the wedding planner
chic as a Chanel LBD!            
chic as a Chanel LBD!
modern chic wedding              
modern chic wedding
a touch of modern chic           
a touch of modern chic
Wedding Photographer:            
Wedding Photographer:
We hung burlap, fabric and       
We hung burlap, fabric and
any store or name brand.         
any store or name brand.

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